Starting A New Era Of DeFi

In our digital world, trust, security, and efficiency are vital.

ETH Contract: 0xCA9D8EF4BA15Ae66347b3D22aFE2970B89980f88

Secure & Safe

Our Goals

Initiating in a new era of DeFi applications for users and developers alike


  • On-chain Security

    On chain platforms using state of the art contracts.

  • UX/UI

    Simple, no fluff platforms for ease of use.

  • Decentralization

    No private keys stored on servers that can be exploited.

  • Transparency & Communication

    Hold project owners and developers accountable using INNOVASIGHT


  • Security

    Audited by MythX, Custom built inhouse. Simple but effective.

  • Ratio Taxation

    Rewarding proper trading with smaller taxes, while punishing the rest.

  • INNOVASIGHT Managment

    All taxes are pushed to INNOVASIGHT.

  • Unrenounced

    We will not be renouncing our contract. Rest assured, limits are in place to stop any kind of rugging.

Our Security & Transparency

INNOVASIGHT is a state of the art contract that
manages all accrued funds & tokens from taxes.
When the team withdraws funds, they must provide the reason, receiver, address, amount, telegram at,
and the IPFS image of any chats. The community
can view this at anytime in the dapp.

  • Security & Transparency
  • Keep Everyone Accountable
  • On-Chain
  • View Withdrawls Anytime
  • Adoptable
  • No More Guessing

Disappearing Devs
NFT Collection

A social-Fi experiment baked with
passive WETH and INNOVA reflections

  • Social-Fi

    Earn points by holding a dev, send
    points to other users
    to claim INNOVA.

  • Mint With ETH Or INNOVA

    You can mint with either ETH or
    INNOVA allowing
    ease of purchase.

  • 75% Returned To The Disappearing Devs

    75% of all mint fees WETH or
    INNOVA will be sent
    back to the Disappearing Dev's holders

  • Minter Only Application

    Only Minters will have
    access to our
    Social-Fi sector of our NFTs.

  • Opensea

Token & NFT Information

All you need to know about INNOVA token & the Disappearing Devs


  • Token NameINNOVA($INNOVA)
  • Total Supply160 Million
  • Tax Taxes 6%-6%
  • LockINNOVASIGHT Controlled
  • Blockchain Ethereum

Disappearing Devs

  • Total Supply1000 Devs
  • Mint Price0.075ETH Or 14,050 $INNOVA
  • Max Mint Per Wallet3 Devs
  • Use CasePassive WETH & INNOVA
  • Secondary PurchaseOpenSea For Now


Keeping Everyone On Track

Idea Generation
July 2023

  • Our journey begins with the inception of a groundbreaking idea. Through extensive research and brainstorming sessions, we identified an opportunity to address key challenges in the cryptocurrency space.

Design & Development
July 2023 - Present

  • With our idea firmly in place, we embarked on the Design & Development phase. This stage involves creating a robust foundation for our project, including the design of the smart contract, user interface, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Phase 1 Release
Jan - 2024

  • We're thrilled to announce the Initial Release of our project. This marks a significant milestone as we introduce our hidden development to the world. Users can start learning, engaging and adopting our technology while experiencing the benefits of our Disappearing Devs at this stage.

Phase 2 Integration
Feb - 2024

  • In Phase 2 of our project development, we're introducing the second main integration to enhance the security and stability of the DeFi ecosystem. Phase 2 is a critical feature to benefit our investors and token holders.

Phase 3 Mainnet
Q1 End - 2024

  • The highly-anticipated Phase 3 marks the launch of our full network. We are excited to bring our vision to life, providing users with access to a cutting-edge platform that addresses critical needs in the cryptocurrency space.